2016 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition second round advancement (Goodnight Jeffrey TV pilot)
2016 Second round selection for Sundance YouTube New Voices Lab (Goodnight Jeffrey web series)
2015 Top 500 in Nicholl Fellowship Contest (Between Wind and Water)
2015 New York Television Festival (Goodnight Jeffrey web pilot)
2015 Austin Film Festival (Goodnight Jeffrey web pilot)
2015 Midwest Independent Film Festival (Goodnight Jeffrey web pilot)
2015 Achievement in Short Film Screenwriting at Premiere Film Festival (Goodnight Jeffrey web pilot)
2015 Winner of First Look Screenwriting Competition at Premiere Film Festival (Between Wind and Water)
2015 Place-holder at Chicago Shorts Festival (Goodnight Jeffrey web pilot)
2013 New York Television Festival (Exquisite Corpse)

Writing Bio

Tyler has been an active writer for several years, creating teleplays, screenplays, web series, videos, live sketch comedy shows, and short stories (selected works below). Ultimately, his storytelling has evolved into an exploration of the neuroses, absurdities, and frailties of the mainstream American lifestyle, expressed through the lens of grounded drama, dark humor, and surrealistic elements.

Currently, he’s working on a one-hour TV pilot exploring an upper-middle class family and each members’ struggle to overcome the traditional suburban lifestyle and realize their inner, radical dreams.

Holding an MFA in screenwriting from DePaul University, Tyler now teaches screenwriting online for the University of Cincinnati.

You can follow Tyler's creative musings and collections on Tumblr or see his video creations on Vimeo.

Contact for writing samples.

Selected-WORK LINKS & loglines


It's Lightning Outside

The Laughing Dentists

Herman Merman

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Enthusiast’s Passing

Valerie Hodgkins



Goodnight Jeffrey
(web pilot dark comedy)
Jeffrey is a worrier, especially at night. Unable to fall asleep, he replays his day through the lens of his neurotic memory and imagination. Official selection at: New York Television Festival, Austin Film Festival, Midwest Independent Film Festival, Premiere Film Festival, and Chicago Shorts Festival. Winner of Best Achievement in Short Film Writing at Premiere Film Festival

>Watch pilot here


Goodnight Jeffrey
(single-camera half-hour comedy)
Inspired by the award-winning, festival selected web pilot by the same name, the series explores the titular character's neurotic memories and imagination as he tries to fall asleep at night. Second round advancement at 2016 Austin Film Festival.

Exquisite Corpse (co-writer)
(sketch comedy pilot)
Welcome to a bizarre, maze-like world filled with vengeful janitors, murderous eagles, dream dance fantasies, and much more.  Official selection at the 2013 New York Television Festival and winner of the Best Actor Award. A Claymore Production.

>Watch pilot here

(one-hour dramedy pilot)
Steve Sorley, a recent college graduate, moves to New York City on October 31, 1948 to follow his dream of being hired by the television network DuMont, but to get hired he must recruit a comedian to perform for the network's inaugural daytime programming schedule.


Between Wind and Water
After he is released from prison, Jimmy Sullivan looks for redemption when he joins a crew of homeless men to rebuild a ship to sail the New England coast. Inspired by true events.

Awards: Winner of the First Look Screenwriting Competition for the 2015 Premiere Film Festival. Top 500 of 2015 Nicholl Fellowship Competition. Score of 8 on The Black List.


Exquisite Corpse
Tyler has been involved with writing over 14 live sketch shows with the award-winning, critically acclaimed sketch comedy group, acting as head writer and staff writer.

The Neo-Futurist's The Arrow
Tyler workshopped the first performance with the experimental theater in the summer of 2015, offering his short story It's Lightning Outside. Tyler returned to the show in July 2016.