Along with the selections below, you can find more videos on Tyler’s Vimeo profile.

Director, Editor

Logline: Before she can go on her lunch break, office receptionist Mel is pushed to the limits by her boss's sexist demands, including babysitting his precocious six year-old son.

Awards: 2018 The Lady Filmmakers Festival

Creator, Actor, Director, Producer, Editor,

Logline: Jeffrey is a worrier, especially at night. Unable to fall asleep, he replays his day through the lens of his neurotic memory and imagination.

Awards: 2016 Second Round of Sundance YouTube New Voices Lab, 2015 New York Television Festival, 2015 Austin Film Festival, 2015 Midwest Independent Film Festival, 2015 Premiere Film Festival (Nominated for Best Short Film), 2015 Chicago Shorts Festival (Place-holder)

Co-Director, Co-Writer, Lead Actor, Producer

Logline: Welcome to this new and twisted world with absurd characters and unexplainable situations, where each scene organically flows into the next. Delving into topics as varied as bar ownership, killer eagles, misogynist weathermen, and perfect lovers, this series aims to bring an absurd, dark, cinematic sketch comedy to an unsuspecting world.

Awards: Official Selection at 2013 New York Television Festival (Best Actor Award)