In 2013, Tyler was a co-writer on the sketch comedy pilot    Exquisite Corpse   , which was an official selection at the New York Television Festival. 

In 2013, Tyler was a co-writer on the sketch comedy pilot Exquisite Corpse, which was an official selection at the New York Television Festival. 

Tyler has been an active writer for several years, working on screenplays, teleplays, sketch comedy shows, web videos, and short stories. He is currently completing his MFA in screenwriting at DePaul UniversityYou can also follow Tyler's musings on Tumblr

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(one-hour dramedy pilot)
Steve Sorley, a recent college graduate, moves to New York City on October 31, 1948 to follow his dream of being hired by the television network DuMont, but to get hired he must recruit a comedian to perform for the network's inaugural daytime programming schedule.

The Inside
(one-hour sci-fi drama pilot)
After 8 people reappear in a coma after two years of missing, a therapist must enter their minds to figure out the reason for their disappearance.

Exquisite Corpse (co-writer)
(sketch comedy pilot)
Welcome to a bizarre, maze-like world filled with vengeful janitors, murderous eagles, dream dance fantasies, and much more. Official selection at the 2013 New York Television Festival and winner of the Best Actor Award. A Claymore Production.

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Community - Analysis in Class Relations
(spec episode)
After Shirley's Sandwiches creates the artery-clogging "Slop Slop," Britta rises up to create a student run garden co-op. Friendships will be destroyed. Walls will be built. And the eternal drama of capitalism versus socialism plays on.

Short Screenplay

After a lonely man is evicted from his apartment, he finds a home in an abandoned child's playhouse underneath the city's train tracks, but will it last when the authorities attempt to push him out.

Feature Screenplay

The Mountain
After having dreams about seeing his recently dead mother at the top of a mountain, a ten-year old pushes his father to take him on a hike to the top of a mountain in the Rockies.

Web Series/Videos

Mixed Company
(web series comedy)
Follow the trials and tribulations of three unlikely roomates: Matt, a recent college graduate still finding his place in the world; Sir Princeton Avatard the Third, a worldly 18th century aristocrat; and Pirate, a travel-weary longshoreman and also the heart of the trio. A Claymore Production.

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(web video)
Two Russian potato farmers raise a potato child after they discover they can't have children.

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The Human Conditioner
(web video)
Open yourself to the Seasons of the Soul: The Human Conditioner.

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Short Stories

Herman Merman

Valerie Hodgkins